Boys on the Go Field Trip Camp: $70/full week special until tier sells out

Summer & Holiday Camps
School-Aged, Preteens, Teens

“Boys on the Go is the one thing my son is very clear he must do this summer. He had a great time playing at the park, walking and Barting around the area, and visiting the fun spots with a great group of guys. The counselors were that perfect mix of firm and sensitive, and the youth leaders/teenagers were present and up for any game the boys wanted to play. So great to know my son was with playful, creative, and grounded people!”

Summer: July 13-31

Discounts/Special Offers!

  • $70 off/week offered now until that tier sells out, so $438/week; prorated for 3 day week; PM care in Tilden (3:30-6:00)- $125 (early bird tier)
  • Multi-week/sibling special of $20 off/week if register for 3 weeks or more/family at any Monkey Business program, so $408/week.
    • 3 day week spaces must include Monday, unless a former camper, to meet everyone and learn basics.
  • Scholarships available by application. 
  • All trip costs and lunch on Tuesdays included!

We Always Have a Dedicated Staff Team

We'd love to welcome your boy, ages 9-13, at one of our upcoming weekly camps, base camp at King School Park, Berkeley!  More info and registration


  • We also have a few Junior Counselor helper spaces for those ages 16+. Great way to build your resume for future paid opportunities.  Join us for the 3 week session: July 13-31.  [Tuition is steeply discounted-just over $200/week.  Contact our office to express interest.]
  • Some of the awesome activities: House of Air for Trampoline Fun, Boating, Art, Parks to Explore, Rock Climbing, Ice Skating, Mini-Golf, Arcades, Movies and more! Come to one to sample, two to get to know staff and program better, and 3 or more to establish more connection, which is so important in this day and age.
  • We also have a Girls on the Go camp program running in the summer.
  • If your child identifies outside the gender binary, they are welcome at either camp
  • These programs are run by Monkey Business Camp, which is celebrating 20 years in the Bay Area.  We are a locally started and run, certified green business, have won many Parent's Press Best of Camp Awards, and served over 750 children in 2019.  Summer is great with us, come see!
Heather C Mitchell
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