Boulevard Little People Academy: Child Care In Lake Merritt!!

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Hi Oakland Parents!! There are many families in transition at this time and we are always excited to meet new neighbors! If you are in or near the Lake Merritt area, we are now OPEN and would love to meet your family if you are in need of child care. As many preschool programs have permanently closed due to COVID and the financial crisis, we are honored to have re-opened our doors with the help of those in our community (thank you!!). We are hoping to meet more families that want to be a part of our BLVD family and grow with us. We have implemented our COVID protocols so our children, families, are protected as much as possible. Please contact us as we are enrolling on a first come first serve basis and want to make sure you get the space you're looking for! 

Happy September,


theblvdacademy [at]