Blue Leaf School: Part-time space for a Two-year-old

Preschools & Daycares with Current Openings

A wonderful opportunity for a part-time (Tuesday and Thursday) spot for a two-year-old starting in October. 

In a warm RIE inspired environment, our goal at Blue Leaf is to nurture each child’s development intellectually, socially and physically. Our philosophy embraces the natural curiosity and imagination of children to inspire within them a lifelong excitement to learn. Our approach to early childhood education is that of a balanced approach, by combining many different theories while using an emergent curriculum, which encourages young children and their caregivers to explore, question, and discover in a stimulating environment.

Cassie has completed RIE Foundations training, was a preschool teacher, an Executive Director of three preschools and holds a degree in Elementary Education from Loyola Chicago.  

We look forward to meeting your family!

Cassandra Ford
director [at]