Bloomers Preschool: Job opening in Family Child Care

Jobs & Volunteer Opportunities

Part time or Full time position:

our ideal teacher:

likes messy art, science and baking projects (and will clean up after).

lets the kids do their own art (values the process, not just the end product).

reads out loud and can make up a story too. will write out stories as dictated.

lets kids contribute to the stories; doesn’t mind questions but encourages them.

helps children learn to do what they can for themselves; and then lets them, even if it takes some extra effort and time.

sings out LOUD (carrying a tune is nice but not required).

will get up and dance with the children.

lets all children play dress up, and wear what they want to wear.

will take kids outside even when it is cold and wet.

lets everyone get wet & muddy (and again, cleans up after).

lets kids play in water when it is warm, and help water and weed the garden.

Is nurturing, warm and engaged.

understands the value of PLAY.

has an understanding of child development; knows understanding how kids grow up will help him/ her be a better teacher.

likes animals (especially cats as they are on site).

works well with parents (knows this is a collaboration, and they are the most important people in their kids lives); is open to working with all types of families; warmly greets parents; shares information and daily anecdotes with them.

Immediately deals with dirty diapers, runny noses, or spit up.

can run a child to the potty in a flash; and help them clean up if they don’t quite make it.

is supportive of nursing moms & their babies & toddlers.

takes job seriously; comes to work every day on time; is reliable and responsible; knows others are depending on them; knows it is important for children to bond with caregivers and maintain those bonds and makes a commitment of at least a year.

Always is willing to learn new things.

Fingerprint clearance, current TB test, and vaccine records (measles, whopping cough, flu shot and Covid vaccines) must be provided prior to employment. CPR/First Aid & health and safety, mandated reporter training will be required upon employment. ECE units required

Carolyn Carpenter
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