Big Minds: Big Minds is Online!

K-12 Schools with Current Openings
SF Bay Area

Big Minds is now offering a fully online version of our onsite model. With 1:1 coaching, small interest-based classes with an average of 3-5 students per class, and fun social events built into every school day. Our students are engaged in live sessions with teachers, coaches, and fellow students throughout the school day. Our platform is designed to be accessible and user friendly, and most students can navigate their school day without parent support. Daily classes are based on student selected subjects (compiled from surveys sent to every student each semester). We are strengths-based, and students have 1:1 support to work on passion projects based on those strengths and interests. We also provide weekly math and literacy coaching in a 1:1 setting that allows us to adapt for asynchronous development. This fall's amazing schedule of classes can be found on our website. Big Minds' way of learning is what happens when traditional barriers are removed and 2e students are allowed to customize their education. School should be a safe, fun, and exciting experience. If you are having to force your child to sign on for school each day, that system is failing your child. If you know that your child needs something radically different, check out Big Minds Online:

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