Berkeley Rose Waldorf School: Nursery Three Day Program Immediate Opening

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Our sweet, home-like Rosebud program, for children 2y 9m to older 3s, and diaper free, has a current opening for a family seeking to offer Waldorf Education to their child in Berkeley.  Our nurturing environment brings rhythm and calm into your family's everyday life. We embrace the natural world and seasonal changes and educate through songs, verse, puppet plays and finger games, painting, house chores, free play and guided play with lots of outdoor time in all weather. Our beautiful Rose Cottage boasts an interactive garden, a river bed of stones splashed with water pumped by the children; a sand pit, and giant redwood tree sheltering our outdoor mealtimes. Children learn through imitation, and gentle singing, working, art making and play prepare them for the world.

The class days run from 8:30 to 12:30 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with the offering of afternoon care for children aged 3 and up. Learn more about our programs on our website or by calling us at 510-859-7679 x1, or let us know you'd like to visit. 

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