Berkeley Rose Waldorf School: Fall Mothering Circle for Moms 0-12 months postpartum

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Join us for an introduction to the Fall Mothering Circle. Our Mothering Circle is for pregnant mamas and mamas with babies in their first year postpartum. Whether this is your first baby or your sixth, we welcome you to join our circle where we hold space for you and support you in building a community. Mamas, babies, and wise women come together with the intention of embracing a gentle postpartum time. This is a safe circle where nurturing can truly be experienced by each mother and baby; where you can be open and vulnerable to share questions, tears, laughter, and fears. This is a place for learning, inspiration, and appreciation of you. Our emphasis is on building a community. We foster connection, and provide valuable education brought by caring Wise Women with expertise and life experience. 

kim [at] (subject: I%20will%20join%20for%20the%20Introductory%20Gathering%20, body: I'll%20be%20there%20on%20Friday%2C%20August%209%20from%20noon%20to%202%20pm%20for%20the%20complimentary%20introduction%20to%20Mothering%20Circle.%20) (Join us for a free introductory gathering on Friday, August 9 from Noon to 2 pm); Register for the six-week session, $150. 

What you can expect: 

Time for yourself, for self-care

An opening lap game and a closing lullaby that you will want to sing at home with your baby 

Tea, water, and an organic snack

Wisdom from practitioners on a variety of topics

24/7 access to our online group

Social time to connect with other mamas

Time for your questions and concerns

Kimberley Knittel
kim [at]