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Greetings Parents,

Berkeley Community Tutor provides customized and effective online sessions to help your students successfully achieve their academic goals and dreams. We can use Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Facetime to smoothly communicate and have productive tutoring sessions. 

Currently, I'm accepting new students who are seeking to improve their executive function skills, essay writing for specific classes or college applications, and/or need to learn how to self-direct their own educational pathways.

Also, I help students with the entire college application process, including working with them to create compelling entrance essays and finding Colleges and Universities which are truly a great fit.

My Methods and Philosophy:

Over time, I've learned that effective tutoring is more than knowing a subject - it's knowing how to connect with students and teach in a relaxed and inspiring way. I approach my students in a good-humored, calm, and knowledgeable manner, My methods inspire them to feel relaxed and focused, which truly allows them to learn a subject or new skill.

Please feel free to connect via email or give me a call for a free consultation, explore my website, and research my name – Kevin Arnold – in the Berkeley Parents Network to read my reviews:

All the best,

Kevin Arnold



Kevin Arnold
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