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If you are looking for the answer to solve the challenge of how to serve your gifted student's exceptional learning needs, you're invited to check out the Baywood Learning Centers'  Private School Satellite Program (PSSP) program for exceptional learners. In this program students receive a customized curriculum with opportunities for appropriate acceleration and free social and enrichment workshops created especially for students who love to learn.

Distance Learning is a growing trend for families who are fed up with inflexible, unsafe and poor performing public and overly expensive private schools.  Opt in for an exceptional and affordable education experience at home.  Or layer this inexpensive program onto your current school program and create the best of both worlds.

By definition, Distance Learning is the education of students who may not always be physically present in a classroom, this hybrid program combines the best of both worlds, a home learning environment with opportunities for social gatherings, field trips and enrichment learning workshops.  Today's parents of gifted children realize they need to have more authority over their student's curriculum.  Home learning is the best way to achieve the customized, world class education your student deserves. Now your family can experience the profound benefits of an exceptional education program with a very affordable plan.

Everyone knows that home-school children perform better on tests, but did you know home-schooled students score about 72 points higher than the national average on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)?    These days, millions of homeschooling parents enjoy large and diverse communities supporting each other and creating a wide range of events and activities serving the social and educational needs of their children.   

So, if you are:

  • looking for exceptional customized curriculum that accelerates individual learning
  • wanting a safer space for your student, 
  • seeking to increase appropriate social opportunities for your unique learner
  • looking for a community of welcoming families that represent a wide range of neurodiverse learners
  • thinking about early college placement

You're invited to rediscover the fun of learning and how the pro-family experience of distance learning can restore the peace and joy of advanced learning to your exceptional student/s. Choose from a wide variety of home learning structures, styles and curriculum available including hybrid home learning with in-person classes, field trips and workshops. 

Meet with BLC homeschool veteran mom and lead gifted curriculum designer, Grace Neufeld, to learn details about this program and how to enroll in the PSSP program today.    Sign up today for a free consultation to find out if the distance learning model for gifted is right for you. 

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