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Summer & Holiday Camps Now Enrolling
Preschoolers, Kinder, School-Aged, Preteens, Teens

Bay Language Academy will be offering two Summer Camp sessions on site and will continue to offer digital Language learning options.

Mix of depending of the sessions (1) Cultural and language immersion program, (2) outdoor lunches, snacks and play, (3) cooking demo experience; (4) music/dance appreciation & somatic/sensory awareness, (5) scientific themes combining theory and some hands-on experiments, (6) artistic workshops, (7) Yoga and stretching exercises, (8) Gardening.

Over the past ten years our program has, through exploration and discovery, entertained and educated multilingual children. Creativity is encouraged through music, art, cooking, storytelling, somatic/sensory awareness and indoor/ outdoor multicultural playful activities.

Summer Camp Session A: July 18-29 (5 spots remaining)

Summer Camp Session B: August 1-12 (4 spots remaining)

Both sessions can be combined. Measures to ensure safety protocols are being followed for campers.

We also offer summer live digital intensive language classes for preteens and teens.

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Dr. Essia Bouzamondo-Bernstein
BPN [at]