Bay Language Academy: Teens and Pre-Teens Language Classes

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Designed for middle and high school students with specific goals to be reached, our  language classes are offered for teens for French, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish:

Our teachers have decades of teaching experience. Classes are held on-site at our Alameda site or live/remotely.

Sessions are one week each between July 16 and August 11 between 9:30am and 12:30pm.

Students will have access to a digital book with MP3 files (phonetic), videos (listening and comprehension), texts (reading and comprehension), the possibility to record her voice (pronunciation) as well as several exercises to assess grammar, conjugation and spelling. A number of Power points will be used as well as other relevant documents.There will be role play activities as well as learning through songs and culinary activities to list some of the themes

Standard test preparation such as AP,  SAT, DELF and more

Dr. Essia Bouzamondo
BPN [at]