Bay Area RPG: After-School D&D Guild: Epic Quests for Ages 9-12!

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School-Aged, Preteens

Journeys begin on 09/22! Join us Fridays from 4-5:50 PM at Games of Berkeley for our After-School D&D Guild. For $300, young adventurers aged 9-12 embark on eight, two-hour sessions filled with creativity and camaraderie. All materials provided; no prior experience needed.

Why D&D? This game is a crucible for skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and imaginative thinking. Your child crafts a hero, solves puzzles, and explores magical realms, all while forming bonds with fellow adventurers.

Beyond fun, D&D is a unique social and emotional playground. Kids learn empathy, make moral choices, and celebrate collective victories. Far from screen isolation, our guild fosters real human connections. Book now to join our inclusive fellowship. 

Teddy Hulsker
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