Author Query: Seeking contributions to a book of kids' questions

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Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kinder, School-Aged

Did your kids ask any mind-bending questions when they were little?

I'm an author working on an edited and illustrated book of questions asked by young children (approximately ages 3 to 6).

Examples of the sorts of questions that will appear in the book: "Why does the alphabet have an order?" "What does a gargoyle say?" "Do you like windows?"

Your children's questions will be included in the book with your permission, and you will be credited by name on the book's acknowledgment page.

This will be my tenth book; please visit my website,, for more information on my work. If you're interested in participating, please message me or reply via email: hello [at]

Thank you for your kind consideration!

Sarah Manguso
hello [at]