Aurora School: Open admissions for Fall 2023 and 2024

K-12 Schools with Immediate Openings
Preschoolers, Kinder, School-Aged, Preteens, Teens, Adults

Aurora School’s mission is to nurture children’s love of learning by cultivating academic excellence, emotional intelligence, and social engagement. We have immediate openings for K-8 students, and are accepting applications for the 2024-25 school year.

At Aurora School, we believe that academic excellence is best achieved in an environment where students feel confident and supported. We employ social-emotional learning throughout our curriculum to cultivate  self-awareness, relationship skills, problem-solving abilities, and responsible decision-making.

Aurora students learn in multi-grade classrooms, where grades K/1, 2/3, 4/5, and 6-8 share learning spaces. Older students serve as mentors to their younger classmates, who become mentors themselves the following year. Students form friendships beyond their age group, and teachers support learning at all levels.

Our optimal student:teacher ratio ensures that everyone has a voice, and strong relationships between students and teachers enhance motivation and promote learning.  In addition to STEM and humanities, Aurora students take classes in art, music, Spanish, woodshop and physical education in the indoor and outdoor spaces of our campus in Upper Rockridge.

 Academic excellence, joy of learning, inclusivity, and a commitment to social justice are at the heart of our school culture.

 Aurora’s curriculum features robust academics integrated with STEM,  art, music, Spanish, woodshop and physical education. All of this happens in the indoor and outdoor spaces of our lovely, historic campus located in Upper Rockridge, right off Highways 24 and 13.

If you’d like to learn more about Aurora School and what we can offer your child, visit, or contact lisa [at] to schedule an information session or campus tour.  Flexible tuition is available.

Aurora School has been cultivating confident hearts and curious minds since 1988. Come visit and see the magic!

Lisa Piccione
lisa [at]
510-428-2606, ext 204