Art Cerrito: Art Cerrito: Pod Art, Music, Gardening and Nature Camp!

Holiday & Summer Camps
El Cerrito
School-Aged, Preteens

 I am Taylor, local to El Cerrito, and specialist instructor of WoodShop/STEM at Aurora School for 6 yrs. I've taught art camps for 8 yrs including but not limited to: Aurora Theatre Camp, Brushstrokes Camp, CAMP 510, and The Art Room. It was most fun with my own month-long camp of my own! I would love to meet my local community, and develop relationships with local families.

Art Cerrito can accommodate up to 6 kids (7 or 8 in preexisting pod) with COVID protocols in place. We will create Art, Music, Gardens- even a show! A short walk to Upper Canyon Trail Park for hiking, and outdoor activities.

Camp openings 9:00am-3pm (+aftercare hours) the weeks of:

June 21, June 28

Aug 16, Aug 23 (TBD)

“My daughters (5.5 and 7) had an amazing time in Taylor’s camp...They know so many interesting facts about plants thanks to Taylor now!... Taylor also sang to ukulele with the kids, directed “Fantastic Mr Fox” puppet show, built a myriad of creative crafts, and got children interested in books by reading stories...”-Svitlana

“My daughter had a wonderful time creating mobiles, painting, drawing, staging puppet shows, and gardening with Taylor during camp. She always came home excited about her activities that day...” -Kier

Taylor Gersbach
tgersbach [at]