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Remember how the dog used to lick the dishes and “help out” as you loaded the dishwasher? Remember when you barely knew how to hold your firstborn, and you were being handed a bottle of milk at the same time? Remember how we used to go to the pool every Saturday that year? Remember those couple of months when she wore a princess dress every day? Remember when you showed her how to mow the lawn when she was only three years old? Remember how you used to comfort him when he cried? Remember how she used to eat her noodles?

My name is Anthony Thornton and I'm a documentary family photographer who help families remember. I photograph families as they live in the moment. This means candid, unposed, moments where you're just living your life.

If you have ever felt that the days are long and the years are short, you understand the importance of preserving fleeting moments that get lost in the shuffle of life. My work reveals the beauty found in the long days that illuminates the past and present.

These judgment-free sessions and perfect for:

  • Parents who are never in the photos
  • Kids who are neurodiverse
  • ADHD family members
  • Teenagers.
  • Impatient parents
  • Families that love a little adventure
  • Families with pets
  • New parents
  • Old parents
  • Family gatherings

Talk to me about what the options are, from a single session to a year-in-the-life annual package. Learn more here.

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