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“Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering.” - Peter Levine

The journey of starting a family can, for some, can be fairly seamless, wonderful, and well-supported. And for many others, the journey can be and was traumatic, filled with scary, unexpected events and experiences that overwhelmed your body and mind and that weren't properly supported and metabolized at the time.

Indeed, research shows between 33-45% of birthing people report their birth as traumatic, to the point where traumatic childbirth is becoming an international public health problem. Again, 33-45% of us will have a traumatic birth experience. That’s a lot of us. And I say us because it was my story, too.

So how do you know if you're having trauma responses to any part of your conception, pregnancy, infant loss, birth, or postpartum experience?

Here's a partial list of signs and signals:

  • You’re having a really challenging time bonding with your baby;
  • You’re having sleep disturbances (beyond the normal new parent sleep challenges);
  • You can’t remember parts of the traumatic experience;
  • You’re triggered by other peoples’ pregnancies, birth announcements, birth experiences or breast feeding pictures/stories;
  • You have a low mood and are experiencing anxiety and hypervigilance;
  • You feel disconnected from your baby, partner, and the whole experience of parenting;
  • You feel intense shame, anger, and rage;
  • You may feel suicidal and/or have disturbing thoughts about harming your baby;
  • And more.

The reality is that parenting - especially new parenting - is hard enough. Doing it with unresolved trauma responses wreaking havoc on you mentally, emotionally, and physiologically, is like trying to scale a jagged mountain with your legs hobbled together – that much harder (if not impossible).

And while fertility struggles, being pregnant, and being a new parent may always be a little bit intrinsically hard, we can help you make it easier by resolving your unresolved trauma symptoms through EMDR.

How Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) can support you:

By now, many of us have likely heard about EMDR as being a powerful tool to help resolve PTSD and other traumatic experiences (including childhood traumas) research shows that it’s also powerful in supporting individuals who have experienced trauma around their conception, pregnancy, infant loss, birth and postpartum experiences (including breastfeeding which can so often feel traumatic, too).

Using EMDR’s protocols and bilateral stimulation, EMDR aids your brain’s natural impulse to synthesize and metabolize maladaptive memories, behaviors, and beliefs from your trauma that are getting in your way. EMDR, simply put, helps your brain and body do what it naturally wants to do: move towards healing.

If I can be of support to you or someone you know and care about to help them move through any unresolved trauma related to fertility, conception, infant loss, pregnancy, birth, or the postpartum period (including the breastfeeding journey which can so often be traumatic and fraught), I’d be honored. Learn more about me and my EMDR services here and/or email annie [at] to get started.

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