Annemaria Yoga: Moving Together Through Labor: Partner Birth Prep

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Special Partner Birth Prep Workshop offered via ZOOM!

This workshop is designed for person giving birth and their partners to learn valuable tools to ease labor, create deeper connection to each other and prepare for the journey ahead. When your body and mind are relaxed, this give a signal to the baby that it is safe to enter. Loving touch from your partner can facilitate a state of calm and relaxation and a release of the necessary hormones to begin labor or move it along. Movement while laboring helps baby move as well and having a variety of resting stations around the birthing space gives the laboring person a chance to fill up energy reserves between surges so they can keep going. While in “labor land” the communication turns non-verbal, so when the partner has tools, they can assist the laboring person in a way that feels loving, supported and connected.

Perfect for all trimesters. No yoga experience needed! Come join me and my partner while we demonstrate partner facilitated techniques from our living room to yours!

In this workshop you will explore:

  • Yoga postures that can support you and your partner in pregnancy and labor

  • Breath techniques to calm and relax you for all stages of labor

  • Positions for labor and birth and optimal baby positioning

  • Partner facilitated massage techniques!

  • Tools for self care and preparing for parenthood

Two Upcoming Dates: 

Sunday Oct 17, Sign up HERE

 Sunday Dec 5th, Sign up HERE

Time: 12.30-3pm PT

Price: $70/couple

annemariayoga [at]