Annemaria Yoga: Connected Core: 6-Week Series, Postpartum Core Recovery

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Stepping into movement and exercise and finding time for self care after baby and is not always an easy task. Your body went through an incredible transformation creating and birthing a tiny human (or a few of them!), and the impact of that journey on your body can be profound. Parts of your body might feel disconnected, stretched out and others tight and achy. Maybe you are noticing abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) or are having a hard time connecting with your pelvic floor. Your care provider gave you the green light to start exercising again, but what is a mindful way to begin?  

Connected Core: 6-Week Series for Postpartum Core and Pelvic Floor Recovery is a series built for postpartum bodies. The recovery of core function after birth begins with finding optimal alignment, good breathing, and a meaningful dialogue with our deep core muscle layers. 

**Appropriate for anyone with a baby 6-weeks or older AND after receiving an ok to exercise from your care provider.**

During the series you will:

·Meet for a weekly guided practice

·Have short 25-28min daily video practices for at-home support (and access to the material for 6 more months after series ends)

·Learn how to strengthen and connect to your core in a progressive manner, from the deepest layers toward the surface 

·Learn how your pelvic floor functions, it's role within the deep core system, and whether to kegel or not to kegel

·Get practical advice and education on how to care for your body in your daily life activities with baby, and to aid in your recovery

·Have support from the participants practicing alongside with you, a check-in time is built to our weekly classes

·Lots of patience, compassion, and loving kindness toward your body is encouraged and there is room to progress at your own individual pace

  The practices will allow you to rebuild a strong foundation and empower you to move with awareness as you work to strengthen a dialogue with your postpartum body.


Tuesdays, Oct 3 - Nov 7, 11am-12.30pm PT via ZOOM, Sign up HERE

Thursdays, Oct 13 - Nov 17, 11am - 12.30pm PT, this workshop is offered IN-PERSON in Berkeley, Sign up HERE

Thursdays, Nov 2 - Dec 14, 11am - 12.30pm PT, this workshop is offered IN-PERSON in Berkeley, Sign up HERE

Price: $120-$200

Any questions? Get in touch via email, or visit

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