Ania Zimnoch Photography: Best Father's Day gift ever!

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Do you dread portrait sessions with your family? And does your partner cringe on the sound of lifestyle photoshoot? Do you put off taking pictures with your family because you hope to loose weight or dye your hair? But do you often wish you had your camera handy when your kids are goofing off and make you giggle or roll your eyes? Do you wish you had this particular time in your life documented because you know your children won't be this small forever?  Then I have something for you!

Day In The Life sessions are the new best thing and the best gift you can give to your family! These sessions are purely documentary - no posing or directing required. You go about your life, plan something fun for your family to do and I capture you in the best light and catch all the funny, touching moments between your family members. I'll document your family's unique story, relationships and capture everyday moments you will cherish forever and can revisit time and time again. 

Please check out this collection for examples of different pictures captured during documentary sessions:

Also you can see samples of my work at

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