And Sew We Grow: After-School Sewing Classes for kids 9 & up in Oakland

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Beginning September 15, after-school sewing classes for kids 9 & up in my warm and cozy home in the Dimond District of Oakland. Learn the life-long skill of sewing at And Sew We Grow!

Classes run in three-week sessions every Wednesday from 2:30-4:30.

And Sew We Grow provides a warm and friendly place for kids to develop skills that nurture self-confidence and patience. We value slowing down and working mindfully to restore a sense of well-being and joy. While developing discipline and perseverance, our projects encourage the importance of following instructions which strengthen mathematical and reading skills as well as critical thinking and problem solving. We understand each child has a unique gift and so we foster individuality and self-expression.

Meliss Grover
meliss [at]
510 333-5679