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AMIGOS has Spring & Summer program for College & High School youth that offer opportunties to create positive social change in thier home and international communties. 

Gap Programs for age 17-22

Our Spring programs include travel to Latin America, to the Rockies and staying virtual for a deeper dive into international social change. Check out the links below,

Our next Family Info Session is on Tues, Dec 29th at 9 AM PST. To learn about our 2021 Spring Gap options listed below, sign up Here.  More Sessions will be on Thurs, Jan 7th & Sun, Jan 10th at 3PM PT. To join, visit here. To apply, start here.

Summer Programs( Ages 15-18)

We are so excited to be returning to Latin America this summer and we have two Sneak Peek Summer Program Presentations on

  • Wed, Jan 6th  at 4 PM PT
  • Sun, Jan 10th at 1 PM PT

To join one of these Summer Sneak Peek sessions, register here. The summer program’s structure will focus on interdependence and cooperative coexistence in pod models of travel and service in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic and Colorado. Our summer programs will all be three weeks long and have various start dates all throughout the summer. Check our website later this week for program description and details and our Summer program application will go live on Jan 7th, 2021.

Spring Programs for ages 14-18

The Community Impact Project Program is our staff favorite. We are bringing youth from all over the US and Latin America together on a virtual platform to share their world, develop design sprint skills, practice Spanish and create service projects in their home communties. Curious what it looks like? Check out this video. Sign up here to come to an Info Session on Sun, Jan 17th or Wed, Jan 20th at 3 PM PT.

Reach out anytime or schedule a call at your convenience using this link. We are around to support questions through the break.

Krista Boscoe, AMIGOS Bay Area Director
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