Alison Siggelkow Psychotherapy: Child and Teen Counseling

Services for Parents, Families & Children
Preschoolers, Kinder, School-Aged, Preteens, Teens

Kids love coming to my office! I use out-of-the-box methods including nature-based sessions, art therapy and Sandtray to help kids process their feelings and build self-esteem and self-regulation. I'm highly trained in child development as well as mindfulness and stress-reducing methods. Clients leave therapy feeling empowered and grounded- able to communicate their needs without getting out of control. 

Along with effective therapy for kids, I offer parent sessions and can work with your family system to address the issues that underpin difficult behavior.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and need some guidance, please feel free to reach out. I'm available for consultations and can recommend other resources as well. 

Alison H Siggelkow
alisonsiggelkow [at]