The Academy: 7th Grade Openings at The Academy in Berkeley

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Is your 7th grader in need of a different type of middle school experience?

The Academy has a few open spots in 7th grade (and one in 6th grade)! 

The Academy provides a rich and rigorous curriculum with Math, English, Science, Coding, History, Art, Music, French, and Latin and a small, warm community of engaged learners. 

The Academy's Upper School (grades 6-8) is built on the evidence and belief that ages 11-14 represent a distinct developmental stage, commonly referred to as “early adolescence.” During these years a great deal of personal and intellectual growth takes place. These students have the potential to develop as engaged and thoughtful learners when led by dedicated and experienced teachers who have high expectations of them. Our 50-year history has taught us that Upper School students are ready for, crave, and delight in intellectual challenges. Our passionate teachers guide our students through their intellectual journeys in small classrooms that allow for the development and expression of individual ideas.

The Academy’s Upper School celebrates the possibilities of language through the study of literature in both directed and creative writing assignments and in seminar-style classrooms, which encourage thoughtful discourse and debate. Mathematics teaches a sense of logic and abstract, symbolic expression. The study of physical and biological sciences develops an appreciation for the natural world while understanding the complexity of living organisms and the foundations of chemistry. Each student’s outlook on the contemporary world community is enhanced through a study of world history. The arts, humanities, and foreign language build an appreciation for the global, human community and the possibilities of expression beyond traditional academic boundaries.

The Academy has also always attracted a diverse and international student body. This cultural richness is woven through the fabric of our school and anchors our students to their global community. We invite you to visit us to see what makes this school so special!

Visit us online here or contact Admissions Director, Justine Clifford at 510.549.0605 x 12

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